Text Alerts

Providing you a simple way to stay informed about your account activity.

Once a customer is enrolled in NetTeller, text alerts are as simple as just a few clicks of a mouse.  Text Alerts are a FREE* bank service; however, *standard wireless carrier charges may apply.

Types of alerts we offer:

Event Alerts

Generates when a specific activity occurs; applies to ALL accounts on your NetTeller.


Balance Alerts

Generates when your account balance is above or below a specified amount; applies to only selected accounts.

Item Alert

Generates when a specified check clears; applies to only selected selected accounts.

Personal Alerts

Generates on a specified date with free-form text of your choosing; applies to only selected accounts.

Steps to Add an Alert:

1. Login to NetTeller*
2. Select Options
3. Enter your Mobile Phone Number
4. Select your Wireless Carrier
5. Select save
*This must be done on your PC.
You are now ready to add your alerts!
For more detailed, step-by-step instructions, click here
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