$uper $avers Club

Build a secure financial future with a strong bank behind you.

$uper $avers ¢lub Accounts NOW AVAILABLE for Ages 18 and under
These accounts were designed to make savings fun, earn great interest, and help teach youth about money and the importance of saving. Let us help you instill smart money skills and strong saving habits.

Now is the time to teach your children and grandchildren about savings!  Open your account today!
$uper $avers ¢lub Members Receive:
  • Upcoming competitions among surrounding schools
  • Invitations to special events
  • FREE special gift upon account opening!

$uper $avers CD:

  • $100 minimum deposit to open
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Interest paid annually
  • 12-month term
  • Penalty for early withdrawal 

$uper $avers Savings Accounts:

  • Deposit for your birthday
  • Rewards for good grades*
  • No minimum balance to earn interest
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • Limited to no more than 6 preauthorized withdrawals or telephone transfers per calendar month
  • No limit on number of in-person transfers

  • Ages 0-18
  • Valid form of identification upon account opening

*refer to account brochures for additional information

You can begin saving now for your child's future with Garrison State Bank and Trust's $uper $avers ¢lub!  Contact us today, or stop in to open an account.


It is NEVER too early to prepare your child for their future!

*Contact any of our customer service representatives at 701-463-2262 during regular business hours for current rate information, full account details, or for information on how to open an account at Garrison State Bank and Trust. You may also click here for more information.