HSA Investment

Why should I invest you Health Savings Account with Garrison State Bank & Trust's Trust Department?

  • Provide more Retirement Funds
  • Maximize growth on your money
  • Your Account earnings are tax deferred
  • Invest in your future!

You're never too late to start investing.

Account Criteria:

-$1000 minimum to open account
-$50 annual fee

2020 Contribution Limits:

-Single HDHP Coverage:  $3,550
-Family HDHP Coverage:  $7,100

2021 Contribution Limits:

-Single HDHP Coverage:  $3,600
-Family HDHP Coverage:  $7,200

Call Sundi Lagge in the Trust Department at 701-463-2262 today, email trustdept@garrisonstatebank.com , or contact us by clicking here.

*Trust Department HSA's are invested in mutual funds.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  Investment returns and principal values WILL fluctuate and MAY be worth less than the original cost when redeemed.  This product is NOT insured by FDIC.  This product is NOT a deposit, obligation or guarantee of Garrison State Bank and Trust.